Is It Safe To Have Foot Massage During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy does not only enlarge your tummy but also causes your feet and legs to swell. Pregnant women are well informed about the pain that results from swelling and can get intense as time goes by. Pressing down on pressure points is recommended because it’s known to bring a sense of relief, but gentle foot massage brings a relaxation relief that no pregnant woman can afford to resist. But the question is, is it safe to have foot massage during pregnancy?

Pregnant women are eligible for a foot massage. Foot massage is known to trigger the contraction of the uterine when not done correctly; that’s why it’s essential to ensure the specific pressure points are maneuvered precisely. ​

Pregnant women tend to have a painful experience, no matter the extent of pain. Their feet are the most affected part. When the feet start to hurt, they react by rubbing them. During pregnancy, there are specific points on your ankles and feet that should be stretched with care to avoid pushing them too hard.

is it safe to have foot massage during pregnancy

Can i have a foot massage when pregnant?

Foot massage is good for pregnant women if it is conducted by a practitioner who is well-trained and, most probably, one who has specialized training on pregnancy matters.

When administering this type of massage, practitioners are not advised to stretch entirely specific parts of the foot. They can provoke the contraction of the uterine and ripening of the cervix. Practitioners, if possible, should avoid such points during the pregnancy to ensure they don’t trigger preterm labor in any way.

Studies have revealed that gentle Swedish massage can boost the circulation of oxygen and blood throughout your body and at the same time, ensure you are not anxious or stressed.

Why you should have a foot massage when pregnant?

  • Reduced Swelling

When foot massage is done more frequently, it can reduce the swelling of the feet by a significant amount

  • Calmness

Foot massage exercise creates a calm and relaxed feeling among pregnant women and ensures there is no mental imbalance. First time mothers are stressed and anxious about the pregnancy, and this can lead to unhealthy delivery, but with foot massage, pregnant women can overcome these challenges and have a healthy delivery.

  • Fluid retention

    Fluid retention in pregnant women is higher than the recommended one. This leads to compression of veins because of the pressure applied to them due to the growth of the uterus. By undergoing this type of massage, you can get the swellings reduced and an improvement in circulation, which makes you feel relaxed.

  • Counter Depression

A foot massage is ideal for women who are depressed and on other medication since frequent undertaking of this type of massage can improve their mood. It is also known to contribute to the delivery of a healthy baby.

  • Strengthening the bond between mother and baby

The fetus also feels a foot massage, and the fetus reacts by moving inside the womb. This strengthens the relationship between the child and the mother and also provokes non-verbal communication between the two.

So, is it safe to have foot massage during pregnancy? From the above, there is no doubt that foot massage should be administered to pregnant women due to the numerous advantages it offers. The most important thing is to ensure the person conducting this type of massage has the necessary skills. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to