How to Clean a Massage Table?

A dirty looking massage table can be a huge turnoff for your clients. Make sure it is clean and shiny.

Being a massage therapist, your massage table​​​​ is your most important tool, and everything revolves around it. It is of utmost importance to keep it in the finest condition so your clients won't feel any hesitancy lying over it to get a massage. If your massage table is not clean, your clients might leave your massage center without even getting the treatment.

If you want to learn about how to clean a massage table, then keep reading.

How to clean a massage table

Follow these guidelines to learn how to clean a massage table

  • After each visit from your client, make sure to clean the table. There might be germs on the table that can transfer from one body to another. You can use a table warmer, which might help to keep your table clean. If you’re not using the table warmer, then it would be necessary to clean the table after each client departure. You can keep a bottle of soapy water at your massage center to clean the grime or oil left on your massage table.
  • Make sure your massage table is not exposed to extreme hot or extremely cold weather conditions. Maintain a normal temperature inside the room.
  • For day-to-day care, soapy water is enough to clean the massage table. You can either clean the dirt and oil after each massage session or clean the table at the end of the day. If your massage table has more challenging stains, then it is important to learn about how to clean a massage table properly. You can use a diluted green solution with water to disinfect the table and remove the stains properly.
  • Before you go onto clean the table with soapy water or diluted solution, always rinse the table with water. Then, you can utilize the solution or detergent.

How to clean a sticky vinyl massage table?

You need to learn how to clean a sticky vinyl massage table. If you use a harsh chemical, then the vinyl can crack, so it becomes even more important to learn how to clean a sticky vinyl massage table.

  • Always go with a vinyl friendly cleanser, which does not crack or dry the vinyl. Vinegar is a great choice to clean a vinyl sticky massage table. Pour some vinegar on the table surface and use a paper towel to clean the table properly.
  • When you pour soap or cleanser on the table, the surface should be cleaned properly. Make sure that there’s no residue of the soap or cleanser on the table. After cleaning, keep dry the table properly before putting any sheet on it.
  • To maintain the hygiene of your massage table, you can use a germicidal cleaner to make sure there are no germs on the table. They offer great results at maintaining the hygiene of your massage table.

Some important tips

  • Keep the table covered when not in use.
  • Use memory foam, sheet, or table warmer on the table surface. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to