Can Foot Massage Induce Labor?

Hello, all the wonderful pregnant ladies out there!

Has your due date arrived and gone, and you are still pregnant? Are you thinking of foot massage induce labor? Well, expect you are at risk of several health issues, your doctor might not go with this option until you near the 42-week mark. But if you have tried all other ways for having contractions, then maybe acupressure might be helpful. But the question is, can foot massage induce labor? Can it be a ticket to getting your lovely baby out? Let’s find out more about it, and see if it works, then how. Keep reading!

Can Foot Massage Induce Labor

Can Foot Massage Induce Labor?

This technique is initially performed in the Eastern Tradition of Chinese Medicine, and according to Women And Birth Magazine, this is the best practice to get contractions. The mechanism is that there are various places in the feet which are connected via nerve endings and blood vessels directly to your uterus. So by massaging those pressure points, your physician can manipulate these pathways, which can stimulate the energy between two, results in labor contractions.

This foot massage is also called acupressure. Some practitioners believe that acupressure can help in boosting blood flow to the uterus while influencing hormonal responses, which can bring out contractions.

But according to 2017 reviews, acupressure doesn’t seem to be effective at firing up labor process. But according to the 2016 Obstetrics & Gynecology review, it is concluded that it can help to reduce the chances of having a cesarean delivery.

Pressure Points To Induce Labor

Here are 7 pressure points that can help in inducing labor.

This point is considered helpful in reducing labor pain and make the process a bit faster. It can be fine on the calf’s back, 2 inches above the lower ankle bone.
This pressure point can help in getting labor pain started and could help babies who might be stuck in the vagina in a wrong position. BL60 can be found between Achilles tendon and ankle bone.
Urinary Bladder 67:
This point is located on the outside of the pink toe’s end, near the nail’s edge. It’s also called Zhiyin, and believed to turn the fetus, and speed up uterine contractions.

Undoubtedly, food massage helps get the needed relaxation during pregnancy. It helps in relieving stress as well. However, reflexology massage could be proven best for having contractions, but at the same time could be risky if not done properly. If you are recommended to get a foot massage for inducing labor, then always chose an experienced practitioner. Also, regular foot massage could help maintain physical balance and good mental health during pregnancy.

Wrap Up:

​Although there are no solid pieces of evidence that support the fact: foot massage induce labor, but still we cannot underestimate its effectiveness for getting relief from foot pain.

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