Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair Reviews - Unveiling the top options

Do you want to calm your body after a tough day at work? Well, if this is the case, then you need to get hold of the best zero gravity massage chair. The zero gravity chair tends to balance out the weight of your body with respect to the gravity.

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When a body massager gets added beneath the foam and the leather, then the zero gravity chair converts into a massage chair. Now, there are plenty of massage chairs available in the market, so making a choice can be a bit tough.

We will unveil the top rated zero gravity massage chairs here so that you can make the best pick.

Top 5 Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs Comparison Table

Product Name



Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Osaki OS4000TA Zero Gravity Massage Chair - Relaxindoors

Dimensions : 52 x 31 x 34 inches

Net Weight: 214 lbs

Max Weight: 265 lbs

Luraco i7 PLUS Massage Chair

luraco i7 plus massage chair

Dimensions: 47 x 38 x 81 inches

Net Weight: 265 lbs

Max Weight: up to 300 lbs

Kahuna SM-7300 Massage Chair

Kahuna SM-7300 massage chair - Relax Indoors

Dimensions: 48 x 28 x 47 inches

Net Weight: 189 lbs

Max Weight: up to 320 lbs

Real Relax Massage Chair

Real Relax Massage Chair, Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Recliner - Relaxindoors

Dimensions : 30 x 50 x 31 inches

Net weight : 137 lbs

Max weight : 400 lbs

Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner-Relaxindoors

Dimensions: 30” x 56” x 45"

Net Weight: 185 lbs

Max Weight: up to 350 lbs

1. Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Osaki OS-4000- Best zero gravity massage chair

Osaki manufactured the OS-4000T and boasts of versatile product line having more than a dozen massage chairs. The exciting thing about the Osaki Chairs is that they have a wide array of features, and are available at varying prices.

Key Features

Zero gravity technology

The best thing about OS-4000T is the zero gravity feature because it reclines the chair 180 degrees. When you sit on this chair, then it becomes so easy to place your legs above your heart.

The zero-gravity feature of OS-4000T makes it so easy to distribute the weight across the chair. It will not be wrong to state that you get the weightless feel when sitting on this chair.

Since the position offered by this chair is stress-relieving, you can look forward to a more intense massage. Secondly, when you make use of the OS-4000T chair, then it plays a crucial role to correct the spine alignment also.

Exclusive scanning available

Another thing that you will love about OS-4000T is that it maps your body so that you can get a customized massage as per your weight and height. The chair captures the information about the body frame, and this is why you can look forward to the best massage experience.

Perfect foot roller massage

What you will love about this massage chair is that it offers the best foot roller massage. The foot rollers target the calf and the feet. The spinning rollers provide a soothing massage to the soles of the feet.

Additionally, OS-4000T has about six massage airbags that can inflate on the sides of your feet. You will also be pleased to know that OS-4000T has eight massage airbags also that can deploy around the calves.

Excellent back rollers for a great back massage

When you are tired, then what you prefer the most is a comfortable back massage. OS-4000T will not turn out to be a disappointment. It comes with a 30 inch back roller that can cover the back without a problem.

You will be happy with the fact that the airbags are present around the seat cushion and the sides of the seat. You can look forward to rejuvenating massage for your shoulders and hands also. The chair has about 38 airbags in all. The rollers and the airbags together offer the mid-strength massage that targets all the essential areas of the body.

The best lumbar heating feature

Another aspect worth mentioning about this premium massage chair is that it provides heat that tends to target the lower back. The design of the chair is such that it aligns with the research related to lumbar heating. The truth is that lumbar heating is essential for promoting the flow of the oxygen, and this chair follows this rule.

The heat therapy also plays a crucial role to loosen the tight muscles. Another benefit of the lumbar heating feature is that it allows your body to stay firm against the backrest and maximizes the massage experience.


  • Exceptionally good zero gravity system
  • Comfortable and offers great relaxation
  • Various massage and program settings
  • OS-4000T offers an extendable ottoman also 
  • You get a wireless remote control for adjusting the massage.
  • Great built and the chair is available in a wide variety of colors 
  • A bit too bulky
The best thing about this wonderful massage chair is that people with a height up to 6ft 4 inches can sit on this chair with ease. It can easily accommodate a weight of 265 pounds. However, it is recommended that people with a small frame should make use of this chair.
What you will appreciate about OS-4000T is that you can avail the auto-program of this massage chair or you can make use of the manual mode also. When you make use of the auto-program, then you can get hold of six different options. These options include Relax, Healthcare, Circulation, Smart, Therapy, and demo. When you make use of the manual mode, then you can make use of different massage techniques. These techniques include Rolling, clapping, kneading, Shiatsu, and Swedish. 

Make sure that you do not miss out on this immaculate chair.

2. Luraco i7 PLUS Massage Chair

Luraco i7 Plus Masage Chair- zero massage chair review

Luraco i7 Plus has the honor of being termed as one of the best zero gravity massage chairs for home use . The reason is that this amazing chair offers loads of health benefits to its users. Produced by the world's leader when it comes to massage chairs, Luraco, you will be guaranteed that the product is made from quality and reliable materials.

Key Features

Top S-track design and body scan technology
This model offers a solid massage that you can get adjust manually without a problem. Luraco has an S-track design. Well, this means that the chair tends to provide you a natural massage that tends to follow the curve of your spine.

The rollers can move up to 3” from their respective track, and this is why you can look forward to a more intense massage.  Additionally, the chair has the full-body scan feature also, and this is why you can adjust the rollers as per your liking. If you are having any aches and pain, you can get instant relief by adjusting the position of the rollers.

Foolproof zero gravity feature

The zero-gravity feature of Luraco improves the quality of the deep tissue massage. Zero gravity feature plays a critical role in improving the blood circulation of the body and can boost the capacity of the lungs also without a problem. This luxurious chair is your perfect refuge after a stressful day at work.

A Variety of massage options available

What gives Luraco an edge over its competitors is that it has a wide variety of massage options, and this is why it becomes easier to stimulate different parts of the body.

Advanced interface

The medical chair has an advanced touch-screen control. Additionally, it has a pause and resume button also so that you can start or end the massage at your convenience.

Air massage available

With Luraco it becomes easy for you to go for compression air massage. The reason is that the chair has about 100 airbags. You can select the area that you wish to massage. For example, the chair offers the facility to massage the shoulders, head, upper arm, and lower arm.

Heat therapy is an exclusive feature of this highest rated chair

The good news is that you can opt for the heat massage also with Luraco. The benefit of heat therapy is that it can play a crucial role to relieve chronic pain. You can look forward to the body heat massage with three different intensity levels.

Luraco offers you the facility to customize the massage as per your convenience. There are times when you want to go for a massage for just about five minutes, but sometimes you prefer to opt for lengthy sessions.

Another big incentive about this value chair is that it utilizes the noise reduction technology.


  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Comfortable and convenient
  • Various massage and program settings
  • Works smoothly and quietly
  • Very high quality and durable material
  • Great built and the chair is available in cream, brown and black color 
  • Expensive
  • the rollers do not extend to the glutes

Made from real leather and modern designed, this high end massage chair looks and feels great! Luraco i7 Plus is worth your investment because it offers loads of attractive features. Additionally, you can get hold of powerful Bluetooth speakers. The double rollers offered by this professional chair help you get an immaculate foot massage. It is probably by far the best zero gravitymassage chair in the world so go for it.

3. Kahuna Superior SM-7300 Massage Chair

Kahuna SM-7300- Zero gravity massage chair

Kahuna massage chair is also one of the popular options among people because it can help to relieve muscle tension without a problem. Durability, quality and affordability are just some of the strongest points of the best zero gravity massage chair that make it standout among other brands.

Key Features

​​​​Timer feature available

You are bound to be impressed by the features of Kahuna since it is an upgraded version offered by the manufacturer. For example, the chair has the exclusive 30-minute timer feature, so that you can set the time of the massage as per your convenience.

Additionally, the chair has double layered airbags also. It has extra foot padding also so that you can enjoy the massage in comfort.

A variety of rollers available

Kahuna offers about six different rollers so that you can get a flavor of different massage techniques.

Space-saving with zero gravity available

There are times when you cannot accommodate a huge massage chair in your house. Well, you do not have to worry in this situation at all because Kahuna offers you the space-saving with zero gravity.

Nine special programs available to offer the best massage

Kahuna has five standard auto programs, and you can look forward to 4 special programs also. The user has got plenty of options to choose the massage style that best suits his convenience.

It offers a yoga stretching program. It is more of a light stretching so that you can loosen up your body muscles. The fast recovery mode allows you to get relief from sports-related muscular pains. The pain relief mode exclusively focuses on relieving pain.

There are times when you just want to relax your body. If that is the case, then you should make use of the Relaxation mode. It is a gentle massage program that can relax your muscles in no time.

If you have sore muscles, then you need to make use of the Athlete mode. The Office Person mode is ideal for working individuals who need to relax their neck and the shoulders. If you are a Golfer struggling with lower back pain, then you need to explore the Golfer mode.

It concentrates on the legs, hips, and the lower back. You can also make use of the senior mode, and it focuses on providing a gentle massage. The Dynamic Sport mode is also an excellent option when you need to make a fresh start.

SL Track available

What you will love about Kahuna is that it has an SL Track also. When you sit on this chair for a massage, then it follows the curvature of the spine. The SL Track is long, and it has two additional rollers also for offering a comfortable massage.

The chair offers a 21-inch wide seating, and it can accommodate about 320 lbs.

Kahuna has a special wrap-around squeeze function also. Well, this means that you can get a massage with three different techniques. They include kneading, rolling, and scrapping. The chair has dual air cells that can wrap around the calves for providing full coverage. You will get to see LED lighting on the sides of the massage chair.


  • Very good value for money, inexpensive
  • Various massage and program settings
  • A special LCD  remote holder  
  • Offers a heat therapy feature 
  • Kahuna has a special remote holder also. 
  • Zero gravity technology  
  • Makes use of acupuncture points to offer the exclusive massage
  • The foot massage is not very effective

4. Real Relax Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Real Relax - zero gravity massage chair review - Relaxindoors

When you plan to get the best zero gravity massage chair, then your biggest concern is the element of safety. Well, when you go for the Real Relax massage chair, then the best aspect is that it is FDA approved.

Key Features

Flawless S-track with rollers

What you will love about Real Relax chair is that it features an exclusive S-track that tends to go all the way to the glutes because of the presence of the rollers. You can look forward to a great back massage with this chair.

Special robotic hand massage available

Additionally, the massage chair has 3D robot hands, and they tend to complement the S-track ergonomic design. The best part is that the robot hands can offer about 12 different types of massage.

The good news is that you can adjust the robot hands as per your convenience. The robotic hands have speed buttons also. You have the option to adjust the intensity of the massage. The remote has left and right buttons so that you can manage the massage without a problem.

Pre-set auto programs available

What is appreciable about the Real Relax massage chair is that it has six pre-set auto programs. The auto programs offer the Chinese acupoint and Thai massage. The Thai stretch can play a crucial role to relieve the pain from the compressed discs. The Thai scraping massage provides relaxation to your feet. You can also set the timer to about 15 minutes so that you can enjoy a comfortable massage without a problem.

Special heating system available

The Real Relax massage chair has an exclusive heating system also. It provides constant temperature and improves blood circulation also. Additionally, you can also turn on the heat vibration using the remote whenever you feel the need.

The Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Recliner offers an exceptional airbag massage . The reason is that the chair has about 50 airbags. The airbag massage can improve blood circulation and gives you the needed comfort in no time.

Real Relax is an immaculate massage chair, and it can accommodate the heavy users . Plus, it offers not only the blue tooth audio play feature but also zero gravity with arm linkage system .


  • Very low price
  • Various features and multiple techniques 
  • Comfort and convenient
  • Hips and arms massage
  • Elegant design and great built 
  • Heat therapy 


  • Doesn't fit people who are over 6.1 feet

When you invest in a massage chair, then what matters the most is your convenience. The good news is that Real Relax chair is designed to suit your needs. It has two wheels at the back of the chair, so it becomes easy for you to move the chair around. The best part is that the chair will not undergo any wear and tear. It truly offers great value for money. Customized massage is the key feature of this chair so you should opt for it with confidence.

5. Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu UL Approved Massage Chair 

Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner-best zero gravity massage chair reviews

When you are looking for the best zero gravity massage chair, then one name that comes to your mind is the BestMassage chair. The manufacturer ensured the fact that they keep the user convenience into consideration when designing this chair.

Key Features

Special zero gravity button available

Well, the good news is that BestMassage chair will not let you down on your expectations because it has a special zero gravity button. The benefit of this button is that it elevates your feet, and you notice that your feet are at the same as your heart. Well, this why you do not feel the strain of gravity on your vertebrae.

Exclusive massage points available

The best thing about the chair is that it has about 14 massage points that can easily massage the different areas of your body. You can massage your feet, shoulder, legs, and neck with the help of this chair.

Offers diverse functioning

Another aspect that is worth mentioning about this zero gravity massage chair is that it has functional diversity. It has three pre-set programs that can offer different types of massage. It has a special stretching program that facilitates the full-body stretch.

The chair has foot rollers too so that you can look forward to the perfect foot massage. The good news is that you can control the speed and the airbag pressure as per your convenience.

The impressive massage chair has about 35 airbags, and they have a strategic location so that they can target all the key areas of the body that need a quick massage. You will get access to multiple airbags for your hips and waistline. The airbags tend to inflate to offer a compression massage.

Special heat therapy available

What you will love about this massage chair is that it makes use of heat therapy also to provide comfort to the users. It has two heating pads at the bottom that help to enhance the massage experience.


  • Very cheap price
  • Space saving technology, does not occupy a lot of space
  • Various massage techniques and automatic programs
  • Attractive design and solid construction 
  • Zero gravity to relieve pressure on vertebrae
  • Makes use of air massage technology


  • The chair should also offer heat therapy for the legs.

Overall, there is no denying the fact that the BestMassage chair is a practical option. It is available in two attractive colors that are black and brown. These are neutral colors, so it goes well with the home décor of any house. 

The interface is user-friendly, and there is one exclusive setting especially for back massage. The chair comes assembled. Well, this is a big perk for all novice users because they are not aware of the technicalities of assembling a massage chair.

When you make use of this massage chair, then you can look forward to the best results because the rollers tend to move in different directions. If you are looking for a quality massage chair that will last for a long time, then go for Shiatsu massage chair.


Consider the mentioned list when you need to buy the best zero gravity massage chair in the market, and you will not have any regrets. If you are looking for an affordable massage chair with stunning features, Kahuna, Real Relax and BestMassage Chair fit the bill. In case you’re in need of an advanced unit, Osaki OS-4000 and Luraco i 7 Plus have enough surprise for you. 

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