Best Portable Massage Chair 2019 - Reviews and Complete Guide

After a stressful day, a massage therapy becomes necessary to alleviate stress symptoms. Whether you are a massage therapist or giving massage at home, a portable massage chair is essential. Remember, finding the best portable massage chair may be a challenging task.

The chair must provide the maximum value for the money. You will need a durable but lightweight and comfortable chair. The best massage chairs are lightweight, compact, contains comfortable padding, durable frames, easily adjustable, and ideal for deep tissue massage.

After a hard-working day, a portable massage chair can improve sleep and relax your nerves within 10 minutes. Portability is an important thing to consider for your convenience. If you want to buy the best chair, here are some portable massage chair reviews. Feel free to compare these models before investing your money.

Top 6 Best Portable Massage Chairs Comparison Table

Product Name



EARTHLITE Portable Massage Chair Package VORTEX

EARTHLITE Portable Massage Chair Package VORTEX-best portable massage chairs - Relaxindoors

Dimensions : 29 x 19 x 51 inches

Net Weight : 15 lbs

Max weight : 300 lbs

Therabuilt Apex Portable Therapy Chair

Therabuilt Apex Portable Therapy Chair-folding portable massage chair -Relaxindoors

Dimensions: 39 x 20 x 9”

Net Weight : 18.5 lbs

Max weight : 250 lbs

EARTHLITE Avila II Portable Massage Chair Package

EARTHLITE Avila II Portable Massage Chair Package - massage chair for massage therapist-Relaxindoors

Dimensions: 35 x 20 x 49"

Net Weight : 22 lbs

Max Weight : 350 lbs

Master Massage Apollo Portable Massage Chair

Master Massage Apollo Portable Massage Chair- massage chair for massage therapist review- Relaxindoors

Dimensions : 29 x 19 x 50 inches

Net weight : 17.6 lbs

Max weight : 650 lbs

STRONGLITE Portable Massage Chair Ergo Pro II

STRONGLITE Portable Massage Chair Ergo Pro II - top best portable massage chairs- Relaxindoors

Dimensions: 32” x 19” x 45”

Net Weight: 26 lbs

Max Weight: up to 600 lbs

Massage Chair Portable Massage Chairs

Massage Chair Portable Massage Chairs Tattoo Folding Chair-best massage chair-Relaxindoors

Dimensions: 39” x 9” x 20”

Net Weight: 23 lbs

Max Weight: 300 lbs

I. Top 6 Best Portable Massage Chair Reviews

1. EARTHLITE Portable Massage Chair Package VORTEX

EARTHLITE Portable Massage Chair Package VORTEX-best portable massage chair

EarthLite offers a compact, lightweight, and stylish massage chair. With its robust oval tube aluminum structure, it is suitable for everyone. You can use it for energy and healing. For sports therapists and massage therapists, it can be the best chair. EarthLite portable chair weighs only 15 lbs and it is one of the best lightest massage chairs on the market.

Key Features

Convenient to Adjust and Use

Multiple face cradle, seat, and arm adjustments allow optimal client positioning. It offers quick setup with simple seat adjustments and face cradle armrest to accommodate all clients. You can fold this chair compactly.

Easy for Travelers

Its compact design allows you to fold this chair easily. You can tote and store it in a durable nylon case. Feel free to throw it over your shoulder. For travelers, it can be a reliable massage chair.

Incredibly Comfortable

The Vortex EarthLite Massage chair is furnished with high quality, buttery soft upholstery (Natursoft) and dual-density cushioning (Pro-Lite) for durability and superior comfort. It maximum working weight is 300 lbs. Cushioning system of Pro-Lite offers a two-layer support system.

Attractive Package

You can buy Upholstery Natursoft in seven colors, such as teal, mystic blue, maries beige, hunter, burgundy, black, and amethyst. Its inclusive package includes strap, sternum pad, carry case, and a chair. You can use this chair while traveling.


The chair is convenient to adjust as per the size of the client. You can get a lifetime warranty on its frame and three years warranty on upholstery and cushions. Its quality is better than regular PU quality. For maximum comfort of users, the brand uses Naturesoft upholstery.

Users can get a zippered and nylon duffle-sized carry bag to accommodate spare and accessories. It comes with a modifiable shoulder pan and an additional protective pad for sternum. This pad is extra thick to increase the comfort of clients. The compact design is space-efficient. You can put it anywhere as per your convenience.


  • Comfortable  and easy to use
  • Attractive and innovative oval-tube design
  • Carry bag, extra shoulder pads and sternum
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Easy to carry and transport
  • Lifetime warranty for frame and warranty of 3-years for upholstery and cushion
  • Expensive chair
  • Can’t sustain over 300 lbs. of weight

2. Therabuilt Apex Portable Therapy Chair

Therabuilt Apex Portable Therapy Chair - folding portable massage chair

Do you need a comfortable chair? Buy Therabuilt Apex Portable Therapy Chair to relax your muscles and body. This therapy chair is suitable for students. It is a reliable brand for everyone. Here are some essential features of this therapy chair.

Key Features

Weight Limit of Chair

This chair weighs almost 18 pounds; therefore, it is easy to move this massage chair. Weight limit of this chair is nearly 250 pounds. It impresses numerous customers with its 3.5 inches, extra thick cushioning. Feel free to invest in this standard and comfortable chair.

Durable Chair

It can be the best portable massage chair for its durability and lightweight. With its metal frame, it can withstand even larger clients. Remember, it is a stable chair to increase your comfort. The PU leather makes foam durable and comfortable.

Adjustable Design

Face cradle of this chair is adjustable. You can detach its pillow as per your convenience. Therabuilt Apex is a reliable chair in terms of adjustability. Feel free to change its height within a few minutes. Make sure to loosen its knob to change the position of slide based on your physical needs. It is perfect for 5’ to 6’ tall people. Moreover, it has an adjustable chest pad. Remember, you can’t change its angle.

Elegant Design and Warranty

The cushions and frame are available in black color. It is easy to clean and looks beautiful. You can get a warranty of 12 months for defects on its frame. Warranty for face cradle is almost 90 days. You can replace a broken face cradle within 90 days. Moreover, customers can purchase it separately. It is a reliable, stable, and durable alternative of an expensive model.


  •  Material is quite durable
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to clean and adjust
  • Suitable for hot stone massage
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Affordable price
  • Poor quality of the carrying case
  • Too thin seat cushion

3. EARTHLITE Avila II Portable Massage Chair Package

EARTHLITE Avila II Portable Massage Chair Package-top protable massage chair-Relaxindoors

EarthLite is a famous brand in massage supplies and equipment. EarthLite Avila II is an affordable chair in the market. See the best features of this folding portable massage chair package.

Key Features

Highly Adjustable

The EarthLite Avila II is an adjustable chair to satisfy maximum clients. The seats may vary between 4’ 6” and 6’ 6” for customers. Moreover, Avila II features one chest pad that tilts and slides. It also has a modifiable armrest and face cradle. Clients can adjust it to get maximum comfort.

Great Working Weight

Carbon composite patented frame is robust and reliable. The frame comes with replaceable and moveable pads. Actual weight of this chair is only 22 pounds. It can bear almost 350 lbs. human weight.

Special Features

Customers will get a convenient pouch to keep their accessories. Sternum pad offers additional comfort. Remember, you can fold this chair compactly for easy storage. The reinforced frame and adjustment levers can make your life easy.

Optimal Weight Distribution

The chair features a stable and strong patented frame. Detachable cushioning pads are incredibly comfortable because of Naturesoft supple upholstery. It makes them durable and comfortable. Compact design, stainless steel clutches, and luxurious upholstery offer maximum stability and strength. With leg and seat shapes, this chair is designed for optimal weight distribution. You can optimize the chair with three quick levers for children or a person over 350 lb.

Attractive Package

It comes with a carry case (with wheel), valuables pouch, sternum bad and a DVD for instructions. Moreover, you can buy this chair in different colors.


  • Great frame and design
  • Comfort and easy to move
  • Easy to clean and adjust
  • High-quality material and and available in 7 different colors 
  • Compact  and lightweight
  • Can fit people up to 350 lbs
  • Expensive than other chairs

4. Master Massage Apollo Portable Massage Chair

Master Massage Apollo Portable Massage Chair-lightest massage chair - Relaxindoors

Master Massage Apollo can be the best portable massage chair for business and personal use. It features a durable frame, a comfortable cushion, and numerous other features. See an overview of essential functions.

Key Features

Lightweight Frame

Tremendously and lightweight aircraft steel frame makes this chair durable and comfortable. To prevent scratches, nicks, and rust, it is electrostatically powder-coated. This durable chair can support almost 650 lbs of weight. With its innovative steel frame, it can be the best choice for professional therapists.

Innovative Cushioning System

Each padded surface, from bolster of the chest to down, is layered with an exclusive cushioning system (small cell foam). Each surface of this chair is infinitely modifiable to the therapeutic needs of each client. To satisfy clients, thickest and largest cushions are available. This chair is perfect even for larger clients.

Waterproof, Oil and CFC-Free Scratch Resistant Padding

Their PU upholstery is CFC-free and PVC free. It features oil and waterproof resistance. The abrasion-resistant PU can save your chair from peeling. With these features, you can use it for a longer duration. The chair has a soft touch feeling and durable upholstery than other brands.

Appropriate Session Pouch

For the security of your jewelry and eyeglasses, the session pouch is available. You can keep your accessories in this pouch. Moreover, small cell foams are making cushioned surfaces more comfortable. The density of this foam is higher than regular foams.

Enormous Weight Support

There is no need to worry about the capacity and strength of the chair. The Apollo boasts a gigantic 1000-pounds weight support. Its practical weight support is almost 650 pounds.

Easy to Carry

The carry case is dexterously crafted to make it convenient than a typical case. They use the best and finest material in construction. With a luggage-style carry case, it is easy to move this massage chair from one place to another.


  • Great value for money
  • Adjustable and lightweight
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Luggage style carrying case
  • Storage for jewelry and glasses
  • Can support almost 650 lbs of weight


  • Lack of color choices
  • Upholstery has room for improvement

5. STRONGLITE Portable Massage Chair Ergo Pro II

STRONGLITE Portable Massage Chair Ergo Pro II - folding portable massage chair review- Relaxindoors

Do you need a well-built and robust chair? STRONGLITE Portable Massage Chair Ergo Pro II can be the best choice for you. If you want to upgrade your equipment, feel free to buy this chair. Here are some fantastic features of this professional portable massage chair with wheels.

Key Features

Lightweight and Strong
Stronglite massage chair features superlight and strong T6 aluminum alloy. This heat-treated aluminum chair comes with powder-coated, high gloss finish. With its patented dual tube design, it offers extra stability.

Convenient to Store and Move

You can fold this portable chair compactly. Attached wheels make it easy to move. An airborne nylon case comes with handles and a padded strap for massage. It becomes easy to store your accessories.

Highly Adjustable

The size of the seat may vary between 4’ 6” and 6’ 6”. It is easy to adjust the size of the seat for bigger clients. StrongLite offers a versatile chair for convenient client positioning. The chest pad can tilt and slide. It is possible to make seat lower, tilt, and rise to make your life easy. Moreover, the face cradle is entirely adjustable.

Exclusive Package

You will get an adjustable face cradle in a package along with a Stronglite face pillow. Moreover, wheels are attached for easy movement. For the convenience of customers, Stronglite offers a rugged carry case made of ballistic nylon, a pouch for valuables, a padded strap, and a durable zipper.

Ergonomic Design

You can adjust the height of the seat for foot, anterior torso, and legs of the client. It offers maximum comfort with detachable leg pads and armrest. For its unique features, this chair is equally suitable for injured and disabled clients. The chair may fit your needs and come with a lifetime guarantee. Stronglite offers a lifetime warranty and high-class customer service.


  • Very reasonable price
  • Durable and top quality material
  • Compact and adjustable unit
  • Water and oil resistant PU leather upholstery
  • Limited warranty for whole life and three years on padding and cushion
  • Durable zippered carry bag
  • Available in 5 different colors


  • Leg rests, and chest pads are designed with wood instead of metal
  • Pregnancy pad is not available

6. Massage Chair Portable Massage Chairs Tattoo Folding Chairs

Massage Chair Portable Massage Chairs Tattoo Folding Chair-Relaxindoors

BestMassage Portable Massage Chairs Tattoo Folding Chairs can be the best portable massage chair for spas and homes. Because of its lightweight, it is easy to transport it from one place to another. It is durable enough to support heavyweight people. Check some highlighted features of this chair.

Key Features

Folding Massage Chair

The ergonomic chair is constructed with high-quality steel. It is designed to support your body without any problem. You can fold this chair to put in storage.

Flexible Headrest

The headrest increase comfort of neck curves and cradle faces of each user with its unique design. It features customized height, angle, and comfort. You can adjust this chair for a great massage experience.
Sponge Padding

It is filled with dense padding to support your body with unvarying pressure. With a high-density sponge, you can get the advantage of better massage experience. Get the benefit of adjustable postures with cushions, hand rests, leg pads, and adjustable angles.

Portable Bag

This massage chair has a durable oxford bag to store this chair. With this bag, you can take this folding massage chair anywhere. It is easy to install this chair along with headrest. After installation, you can enjoy a relaxing massage in 5 minutes.

You can manually adjust the position of its seat for different height requirements. It is possible to modify the footrest and armrest on this chair. With a reclinable seat, get the advantage of a balanced posture. It helps you to prevent strain or pressure on your spine or back.


  • Durable and strong unit
  • Compact and easy to clean 
  • Affordable and adjustable
  • Designed for maximum comfort
  • Handy bag to move from one place to another
  • Withstand the right amount of weight


  • Slightly heavy
  • Quality could be better

II. Portable Massage Chair Buying Guide

Either for work or for your own pleasure at home, massage chairs for massage therapists or people who give massage at home can be one of the best investments you could ever have done. It usually comes with comfort, ease of use, and being portable. Don’t mistake electronic massage chairs for these ones however, as these chairs require an actual massage therapist to do all the work. It offers a much more intimate relaxation and pressure points are actually taken care of.

Before spending all your hard-earned money on a certain massage chair, do note that there are things you need to consider before blindly purchasing one. It can mean the difference between a bad investment and a good one. Not only will it be a waste of money, it can also be a waste of potential customers if you’re a massage therapist yourself.

Factors to Consider in choosing massage chairs for massage therapists

To help you out with your search, here are some important points that you need to know before buying one for yourself, or for your office. Simply understanding these points can get you a massage chair that can actually be of great help to your cause.

How portable is the massage chair

Massage chairs that are often used by independent massage therapists are usually the portable types. Portable enough to easily get it from one location to another. Unless the chair is meant to be placed in a therapist’s office, then at least you won’t have to worry much about its portability issues.

How expensive and can you afford it

A lot of people don’t realize that these types of massage chairs are quite expensive. Prices can go from a cheap $50, but could also go as high as $1,000 and more. For a therapist however, you can go cheap, as long as the sense of comfort and relaxation is there. You don’t have to purchase expensive ones just because of a brand name or a few features that you would only sometimes use. It is best to choose one with a price you’re most comfortable with.

How comfortable is it

The thing that most customers look for in a massage therapist is that they know how to provide optimum comfort and relaxation. Needless to say, a chair is one of the biggest factors that contributes to this.

When a chair is slightly off in a certain way, customers will find it hard to position themselves in a relaxing posture. Make sure you get a massage chair that can be easily adjusted and have proper cushioning.

What are the features

Features such as adjustments, options and settings for a chair are all well and good, but consider what you’d really want to have in a chair. As simple as a built-in storage pouch can be something that makes the job more convenient. More features to take note on are the type of foam used, type of upholstery used, if there’s a luggage included, ergonomically designed, and ease of use.

How sturdy and durable is it

Nobody wants a chair that is wobbly or is unsteady, especially when you are supposed to be feeling relaxed and worry-free. Make sure you get a chair that can carry its own weight, including the person who is sitting, or lying on the chair.

How easy is it to use

This includes basic functionalities such as adjustments, assembly, and portability. These are just the common issues that most massage therapists run into, and if you have other specifications or preferences, make sure they come with the massage chair you are choosing. Don’t make the same mistakes others did, purchasing a chair simply because it is cheap or is made by a famous brand.

The most important thing a massage therapist should know is that customer’s comfort and relaxation comes first. Trust us when we say this, but there’s no better feeling than sitting on a very comfortable chair while getting a massage. By choosing the right perfect one, you already are a step ahead of becoming one of the best massage therapists out there. That being said, we hope you find our guidelines helpful, and we hope you get the massage chair that you dreamed of having.


After reading portable massage chair reviews, you can easily buy the best chair to relax your body. Before purchasing a chair, you have to consider your needs. For instance, you must have special chairs to facilitate big clients in your massage parlor. For this reason, the Master Massage Apollo Portable Massage Chair can be the right choice for a professional therapist.

Make sure to consider durability, stability, and price before investing your money. A sturdy and adjustable chair is necessary for a professional level of massage. If you want the best value of your money, feel free to buy Master Massage Apollo Portable Massage Chair.

Earthlite Vortex and Stronglite Ergo Pro II are suitable for students of massage thepapy and office workers. Vortex is compact and lightweight for travelers. Before buying a chair, you have to consider resilient and comfortable cushions. Remember, foam materials are better than fiber stuffing. Memory and PU foam are standard materials.

You will need a durable chair to handle the weight of the client. The best portable massage chair must handle the general body shape of the client. For this reason, check for different adjustments, such as headrest angle, knee rest heights, etc.

Moreover, check add-on warranty coverage before investing money. It will help you to deal with replacements and repairs. Check the warranty policy of the manufacturer and consider any exception. Don’t forget to check portability, frames, and working weight capacity. Try to purchase the lightest and durable model for your business or home. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to