Top 6 Best Osaki Massage Chair Reviews- Complete Guide

Amongst the top ten brands of massage chair brands that chiropractors, masseurs, and physical therapists generally recommend, Osaki is invariably one. Osaki has earned and cemented its goodwill in the massage equipment industry by manufacturing a line of high quality foot massagers, hand massagers, and massage chairs.

Regardless of whether you’re a professional masseur looking to buy good quality massages chairs for your salon, or wish to enjoy massages in the privacy of your home, you can safely bank on Osaki. This buying guide walks you through the 6 best Osaki massage chairs by exploring the distinctive features of every model. After going through this instructive guide you’ll definitely find it easy to choose the best Osaki massage chair for yourself.
For those who are looking for a premium quality massage chair, read these osaki massage chair reviews and pick the best one that fits your needs.

Top 6 Best Osaki Massage Chairs Comparison Table

Product Name



Osaki 4000T Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Osaki OS4000TA Zero Gravity Massage Chair - Relaxindoors

Dimensions: 52 x 31 x 34 inches

Net Weight: 214 lbs

Max Weight: 265 lbs

Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Zero Gravity Massage Chair- Relax indoors

Dimensions: 63 x 31 x 45 inches

Net Weight : 240 lbs

Max weight : 250 lbs

Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair

Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer Zero Gravity Heated Massage Chair

Dimensions: 58 x 35 x 48 inches

Net Weight : 250 lbs

Max Weight : 275 lbs

Osaki OS-7200H Massage Recliner Chair

Osaki OS-7200H Massage Recliner Chair- Relaxindoors

Dimensions : 55 x 53 x 29 inches

Net weight : 230 lbs

Max weight : 275 lbs


Osaki OS4DPROJPPREMIUMA Model OS-4D Pro JP Premium Massage Chair

Dimensions: 44 x 32 x 47 inches

Net Weight: 200 lbs

Max Weight: up to 250 lbs

Osaki OS3DPROCYBERA Model OS-3D Pro Cyber Zero Gravity Massage Chair- Relaxindoors

Dimensions: 57.1 x 35.4 x 51.2 inches

Net Weight: 255 lbs

Max Weight: up to 250 lbs

1. Osaki OS-4000T Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Osaki OS- 4000T- best osaki massage chair

Osaki, a household name in the market for massage chairs, has restructured its line of conventional massage chairs to come up with an updated line of products. For instance, its Osaki 4000T zero gravity massage chair now comes with lesser airbags but enhanced surface area and volume. This innovative tweak helps in massaging a greater area of your torso, upper and lower back, and the feet.

The stunningly appealing grayish-black massage chair scans your body thoroughly for facilitating a more effective massage. The zero-gravity design ensures that you feel fully relaxed and completely reenergized after a massage. The reduction in the total number of airbags in the reengineered 4000T implies that the massage chair has to put up with less stress, thereby making it more performance-oriented.

Modeled on NASA’s zero-gravity technology, the 4000T protects your backbone from the negative effects of G-force or gravitational force. The ergonomic design of the chair helps keep the pressure off of your back while you recline for a massage. At the same, the Osaki 4000T helps lessen muscle tension, eases the stress on heart, and improves posture.

Key Features

  • The 4000T zero-gravity massage chair has an advanced and hence more functional design
  • Performs a full computerized body scan
  • Features versatile foot rollers
  • State-of-the-art air massage technology
  • Automated recline functionality
  • Leg extension feature
  • Airbags in the shoulder, lower back, calf, footrest, leg rest, and arm area
  • Elevated headrest design
  • Innovatively designed ultra soft twin-head massage roller
  • 25 massaging airbags
  • Two heating pads for the lower back
  • Hip, lumbar, and shoulder airbags
  • Large and user-friendly remote control
  • Vibration plate inside seat base
  • S-Track movable intuitive massage robot
  • Six massage modes
  • Six exclusive auto programs
  • 5-integrated speed levels
  • Auto-timer 5-30 options


  • Zero-gravity design renders a full massage of the entire body starting from the forehead to the tips of the toes
  • Facilitates choosing a massaging style as per the convenience of the user
  • Various massage and program settings
  • Airbags embedded and spread throughout the chair enable kneading of almost all sections of the body 
  • Helps in boosting lung capacity and ease muscular tension
  • Twin rollers’ width emulates the action of a human thumb, thereby giving you a massage that is almost natural
  • The structure of the massage chair is in accordance with the profile of the human spine furnishes support to backside and neck
  • The size of the massage chair does not make it suitable for tall individuals
  • The S-track layout could be an issue for some users

2. Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Zero Gravity Massage Chair- best osaki massage chair- Relax indoors

The OS-Pro takes optimum advantage of digital body scan technique and SL Track Massage mode for a relaxing body massage. This massage chair from Osaki makes the zero-gravity positioning technology for kneading your entire body, beginning from the nape, extending to the gluteus muscles, and going down to the hamstrings. The chair makes the most of both S and L tracking systems for deploying a massage that is steady and immensely rejuvenating.

The OS-Pro massage chair, before activating any automatically preset program will carry out a body scan for mapping the vital sections of your back and neck. This plotting makes sure that the air bags apply uniform pressure throughout the body for a consistent message. Digital scanning automatically senses your height up to the shoulders that can be reset or recalibrated following completion of the scan.

You get a 10-second window for recalibrating the scanning mechanism if you want to start at a lower or higher level. The OS-Pro Maxim comes equipped with 22 airbags which makes the massage chair incredibly versatile. This massage chair from Osaki like the 4000T has lesser number of airbags compared to the earlier model.

However, each airbag now can cover a larger area of your body which means the massage is more effective. The ergonomically designed airbags mean that correspond to the natural profile of your body resulting in a uniform distribution of pressure.

Key Features

  • Foot rollers
  • Zero gravity design
  • Touch-screen tablet-type remote controller
  • Bluetooth compatible speakers
  • Computerized body scan
  • Highly advanced airbag technology
  • Vibration plate inside the seat
  • Heating pads in the lumbar region
  • 12 preset massaging programs including general, deep tissue, recovery, wakeup, sleeping, stretch and so on
  • S and L track mechanisms
  • The massage chair has been shaped out of polyurethane material
  • Comes embedded with 22 airbags


  • The S & L Track massaging mode massage your head, neck, back, abdomen, and lower limbs
  • Body scan technique automatically checks shoulder height that can be reset or recalibrated
  • Various massage and program settings
  • Zero gravity positioning enables the backrest to support your backside weight which in turn maximizes massaging intensity.
  • Airbags use state-of-the-art technology for massaging a greater area of your body
  • User-friendly touch screen style remote lets you control all the features of the massage chair
  • Twin heat pads entrenched in the spine’s lumbar region supplies heat to the massage rollers, thereby boosting the kneading experience
  • The structure of the massage chair is in accordance with the profile of the human spine furnishes support to backside and neck
  • The massage rollers have a very rudimentary design, unlike the rollers of other similar massage chairs
  • The massaging effect would have been better had there been more rollers

3. Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer Zero Gravity Heated Massage Chair

Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer Zero Gravity Heated Massage Chair- Osaki massage chair reviews - Relax indoors

The OS-3D Pro Dreamer outfitted with a host of versatile features is surely one of the best Osaki massage chairs. The most noteworthy features of OS-3D Pro Dreamer zero gravity massage chair include 3D massage rollers (with quad head massage head), foot rollers, S-track roller, and 2-stage zero gravity.

The three dimensional-point navigation mechanism exploits pressure sensor technology that charts your back (up to 200 sq. inches) for an efficient massage treatment. The 3D massage technique lets you pull out the massaging heads up to 8 cm, thereby providing you a profoundly soothing massage. You can choose from five distinct levels of 3D intensity for customizing the massage as per your convenience.

The two-stage zero gravity positioning system of OS-3D Pro-Dreamer uses a range of techniques to excite nearly 350 acupressure points. This massage chair comes with a prominent LCD screen that displays remaining time (of massage), massage area, speed, intensity, and massage type. The calf and foot massager can automatically adjust to the length of your foot for an excellent stretch massage.

Quad roller head massaging system can imitate the tactile feeling of your fingers and thumbs thus offering you a better experience.

Key Features

  • 2nd generation S-track design
  • Robust 3D rollers with twin heads
  • 2-stage zero gravity reclining system
  • 5 levels of adaptable 3D intensity
  • A total of 48 airbags
  • Foot rollers equipped with reflexology technology
  • Chromotherapy massage feature typified by ambient LED lights
  • 10 automated massage programs
  • MP3 player compatible
  • The large fully functional LCD display
  • 3D quad head massage rollers
  • Manufactured from polyurethane material


  • 3D Massage Technology provides 5 different levels varying from intense to mild to strong offers a personalized massage experience
  • The 3D point navigation system plots your backside resulting in a more accurate and soothing massage
  • Various massage and program settings
  • Two-stage zero gravity system alleviates the stress on your backbone thereby keeping the back more comfortable 
  • The massage chair exploits a range of techniques for targeting more than 350 acupressure points in your body for a deeper massage
  • Massage heads extendable up to 8 cm for a more intense massage
  • You can choose from up to 10 automated massage programs
  • Assembling the massage chair could be an issue for many users
  • Tall persons’ lower limbs will extend out much beyond the chair while stretching out

4. Osaki OS-7200H Massage Recliner Chair Heater Zero Gravity S-Track

Osaki OS-7200H Massage Recliner Chair- best Osaki Massage chair Reviews- Relaxindoors

The OS-7200H is the most updated and advanced massage chair in the Osaki massage chair product line. This massage chair features a micro-computer that is capable of performing a wide range of innovative massaging techniques and accurately. The heat therapy functionality adds to the effectiveness of the novel technology the chair takes advantage of for full-fledged massaging.

The OS-7200 H massage recliner chair facilitates thorough body scan, shoulder massage, quadrupled head massage, and much more. A total of 51 airbag massagers come in perfectly handy for delivering a highly soothing massage that refreshes you up completely. You can enjoy your favorite music or your choice soundtracks while you are reclining on the OS-7200H, thanks to iPod and MP3 compatibility.

The zero-gravity functionality keeps you fully relaxed as you lie in a supine position by improving spinal decompression and reducing the backbone’s muscular tension. The quad roller head massage system emulates the soothing feel of the masseur’s fingers kneading every part of your body.

The OS-7200H massage recliner chair has 51 airbag massagers installed at vantage points for shoulders, back, neck, arms, hands, feet, calves, and lumbar spine.

Key Features

  • Heat plates situated around the shoulder region
  • Auto-programmable timer capable of being programmed for using for a timeframe of 5-30 minutes
  • Inflatable airbags that can be made to stretch gradually
  • Multiple airbags along the lower limbs backside, and at the sides extending from the head to the feet
  • Built-in blue LED ambient lights on panels along the side
  • Full function remote control
  • Detachable headcover
  • Multilayered padding and pillow
  • Automatic leg scan
  • 51 airbags placed strategically throughout the massage chair
  • Quad roller head massage system


  • Computerized body scan completely maps your back for rendering a more effective massage
  • Various features and multiple Techniques 
  • Zero gravity recline functionality supports the heaviness of your back
  • 51 airbags distributed at prominent sections all through the chair work on almost every part of your body
  • Blood circulation in your hands, arms, hip, and pelvis receive a boost
  • Take advantage of the chromo-therapy mode if you prefer a dark environment while getting a massage 


  • The calves do not receive effective heat massage
  • The S-Track length is somewhat short
  • Features only six automatic programs which is much less than what other massage chairs (in the same category) have

5. Osaki OS4DPROJPPREMIUMA Model OS-4D Pro JP Premium Massage Chair

Osaki OS4DPROJPPREMIUMA Model OS-4D Pro JP Premium Massage Chair- Osaki massage chair - Relaxindoors

The OS-4D Pro JP Premium massage chair from Osaki embraces the KIWAMI MECHA technique that makes use of twin balls for a personalized massage. The KIWAMI MECHA BASIS can be adjusted to five distinct intensity levels enabling you to customize the message in accordance with your body type. This massage chair allows you to make the most of 29 different kneading techniques, including hand kneading, loop, 3D massage, and stretch modes.

The OS-4D Pro JP Premium is the best Osaki massage chair for kneading your feet, shoulders, arms, and sole of feet, waist, and lower body. The pelvis therapy mode exploits a variety of programs for a deep massage of your pelvis. The hold and foot massage system positions your thighs securely and stretches the feet for a comforting knead.

The pulse mode comprising fast-paced pressurization-hold-depressurization process renders consistent masseur-styled kneading that ultimately boosts up blood circulation. The natural fit design of the massage chair adapts to every type of body size, resulting in a more personalized massaging experience. You’ll find the intuitive remote control with LED display easily operable, both mechanically and manually.

Key Features

  • Detachable pillow and back padding
  • Electronically operated recliner massage chair
  • 3D point navigation mechanism
  • 10 built-in preset massage programs
  • Remote control with LED screen with the auto course, air option button, massage program selection, air strength
  • Adaptable foot sole massager
  • Natural fit design
  • 3 distinct air options
  • Air magic massage for foot & calf, seat, waist, arm, and shoulder
  • 29 distinct kneading modes
  • KIWAMI MECHA 4D kneading ball system


  • Takes advantage of the KIWAMI MECHA Basis System for a unique massaging experience
  • You have the option of selecting up to 29 different kneading techniques for a full body massage
  • Various massage techniques and automatic programs
  • Choose from 3 different intensity levels for foot and calf and upper/lower body massage
  • Three air options for relaxing massage from fingertips to arms and upper arms to shoulder
  • You have the option of choosing from 10 preset programs
  • 3D point navigation system targets acupressure spots for a more invigorating and stimulating massage


  • S-track system falls short of expectations
  • Individuals with a tall stature may not be able to stretch their bodies fully
  • The calves do not get heated up sufficiently

6. Osaki OS3DPROCYBERA Model OS-3D Pro Cyber Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Osaki OS3DPROCYBERA Model OS-3D Pro Cyber Zero Gravity Massage Chair- osaki massage chair review- Relaxindoors

The OS 3D Pro CYBERA, like the OS-3D Pro Dreamer, exploits 2-stage zero gravity technique to the hilt for providing a refreshing body massage. The massage chairs have a total of 36 airbags distributed evenly throughout the chair that massage your shoulders, arms, hands, waist, hips, thighs, knees, and extremity of feet. The built-in micro-computer scans your body and lets you know which massage mode to select for any specific part of your body.

The LED chromotherapy lighting allows you to enjoy a massage in a dark and cool environment. You also get to take good advantage of other useful features including but not limited to the auto timer, calf & foot massage, arm & hand massage, and auto leg scan.

Key Features

  • Two-tier zero gravity positioning
  • Digital body scan
  • The advanced 3D massage technique
  • 36 built-in compression bags
  • LED lights on side panels for chromo-therapy massage
  • Arm air massage
  • Avant-garde air massaging technology
  • Auto positioning and leg extension
  • Acupressure points oriented massaging
  • MP3 compatibility
  • Automatic timer
  • Foot & calf massage
  • Hand and arm massage
  • Automated leg scanning
  • Large and user-friendly remote control
  • Twin massage rollers for feet
  • Lumbar, hip, and shoulder squeeze & twist


  • The user-friendly full-size remote has nine distinct preset programs, allows adjustment of air intensity, five intensity levels for 3D massage, and five-speed control levels
  • LED lights let you take advantage of chromotherapy mode for a relaxing massage in the dark
  • Various massage techniques and automatic programs
  • 2 heating pads in the lower back lets you have an unprecedented kneading experience
  • 2 rows of spinning reflexology massagers target acupressure points on the foot sole
  • Makes the most of zero-gravity technology for a complete body massage while supporting your back


  • The massage chair fails to make the most of space-saving technique
  • The foot and foot sole does not receive any heat

Somethings You Should Know About Osaki Massage Chair

What are massage chairs and why are they used?

Just imagine coming back home completely exhausted following a long and tiresome day at the office. You’re stressed out mentally and physically as your entire body aches and you feel that a full body massage will rejuvenate you. You’ve two options-either visits a massage salon where a masseur will attend to you or go DIY.

For taking advantage of the latter option, you’ll need to buy a massage chair-either a traditional version or a fully automated model. Though the conventional type of massage chair does not come with the ‘bells’ and ‘whistles’ of a robotic edition, it can still massage your torso, back, and head. The fully automatic best Osaki massage chair, on the other hand, makes the most of motorized parts and electronic vibrators for kneading.

There’s no gainsaying that a masseur kneading you from head to toe will enable you to unwind effectively and refresh you up faster. A massage chair may never be able to match a masseur in terms of massaging quality and effectiveness. So, does it make sense to buy a massage chair, considering the fact that even a cheap model will set you back by at least a grand?

In case you’re in the habit of visiting a massage salon occasionally, try calculating the total amount you’d pay in a year. If you compare the figure with the price of a good quality massage chair, you can bet that the former will easily exceed the latter.

Why Osaki massage chairs stand out?

Osaki massage chairs, marketed and distributed under the trade name Titan World LLC, belong to the same league as Human Touch, HoMedics, Zyllion, and Relaxon. These are the names of some of the most renowned companies manufacturing and promoting the bestselling massage chair brands. It’d be an exaggeration to state that each and every Osaki massage chair model is of high quality and performance-oriented.

Nevertheless, some of the models, including Pro Maestro, Pro Maxim, and Pro Summit, deserve the tag Best Osaki massage chair. When you go through the Osaki massage chair reviews below, you’ll notice that most of the models come equipped with advanced features. Some of the sophisticated features comprise zero gravity reclining, different massage techniques, compression airbags, auto-programs, foot rollers, and so on.

All these attributes work individually and collaboratively to offer you a comfortable and relaxing massage in the solitude of your home.

Why should you buy Osaki massage chairs?

You’ll come across Osaki massage chairs in trade fairs, commercial expos, and airports, and several other high-stress areas. At the same time, massage chairs find widespread use in multinationals, transnational companies, and large firms. The best Osaki massage chairs come in perfectly handy for alleviating stress, thereby making clientele and employees feel energized and refreshed.

The massage chairs of Osaki which massages the back, shoulders, head, and lower limbs, play a key role in reducing stress, thereby boosting employee morale. Of all the significant features of a modern-day massage chair, the zero-gravity positioning is definitely the most versatile attribute. Manufacturers got the inspiration for designing zero-gravity massage chairs from NASA.

NASA scientists designed spacesuits and seats that enabled astronauts to lie down in a manner that allowed them to tolerate the adverse effects of zero gravity. Massage chairs featuring zero-gravity positioning technology prove very effective in enabling the user to unwind after a massaging session.

Benefits of owning Osaki massage chairs with built-in zero-gravity feature :

  • Boosts blood circulation
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Alleviates stress levels
  • Brings down blood pressure
  • Improves immune system functioning
  • Helps to breathe normally while relaxing or sleeping
  • Relieves headaches and muscle aches
  • Helps alleviate swelling


These Osaki massage chair reviews can prove helpful to buy the high quality massage chair.  Comparing and contrasting the six models, every one of them is as good as the other. Choosing the best Osaki massage chair out of the six products reviewed is definitely an uphill task. Almost all the models offer zero gravity functionality (except the OS-4D Pro JP Premium), airbags, foot and calf message, heat pads, computerized body scan and so on. 

Closing up, you can opt for any of the above Osaki massage chair models for your home or office. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to