Best Human Touch Massage Chair Reviews 

If you’re looking to fully unwind and relax in the cool comfort of your home at the end of a tiresome day, choose a quality massage chair. However, you could be at your wits’ end in selecting a good quality massage chair, given the sheer variety of brands available in the market. Nevertheless, the numbers of massage chair brands that can offer you good returns on your investments are limited.

Of all the brands of massage chairs that are worth investing in, Human Touch is definitely one. A full body massage on the best human touch massage chair will reinvigorate you nearly in the same way as a masseur’s kneading. This is because Human Touch massage chairs can almost simulate the hand movements of a professional massage therapist.

Top 7 Best Human Touch Massage Chairs Comparison Table

Product Name



Human Touch Whole Body 7.1 Massage Chair

Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 massage chair- Relaxinoors

Dimensions : 66" x 28" x 29"

Net Weight : 108 lbs

Max weight : up to 285 lbs

Human Touch 100-AC20-002 iJoy Active Massage Chair

Human Touch 100-AC20-002 iJoy Active Massage Chair - small massage chair. jpg


Net Weight : 200 lbs

Max weight : 250 lbs

Human Touch ZeroG 5.0 Zero-Gravity Premium Massage Chair

Human Touch ZeroG 5.0 Zero-Gravity Premium Massage Chair with 3D Massage- Relaxindoors

Dimensions: 43.7 x 27.9 x 31.9 inches

Net Weight : 160 lbs

Max Weight : 285 lbs

Human Touch Perfect Chair “PC-610 Premium Leather” Zero-Gravity Hand

Human Touch Perfect Chair “PC-610 Premium Leather” Zero-Gravity Hand- Relaxindoors

Dimensions : 43 x 31 x 47 inches

Net weight : 160 lbs

Max weight : up to 400 lbs

iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair

iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair- Relaxindoors

Dimensions: 44 x 35 x 40 inches

Net Weight: 88 lbs

Max Weight: 285 lbs

Human Touch iJoy 4.0 Reclining Massage Chair

Human Touch iJoy 4.0 Reclining Massage Chair- Relaxindoors

Dimensions: 40 x 25.5 x 33.5 inches

Net Weight: 63 lbs

Max Weight: 285 lbs

Navitas Sleep Massage Chair

Navitas Sleep Massage Chair

Dimensions: 56 x 32 x 46 inches

Net Weight: 230 lbs

Max weight: 285 lbs

Top 7 Best Osaki Massage Chair Reviews

1. Human Touch Whole Body 7.1 Massage Chair

Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 - best massage chair for lower back pain - Relaxindoors

The Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair is reinforced with a host of functional features that fully stimulates your body and soul. For a start, this massage chair is designed like an ottoman, enabling it to swivel in a 55˚ arc. The 7.1 WholeBody also doubles up as an excellent foot and calf massager which enhances the feeling of relaxation.

The chair exploits the innovative FlexiGuide technique where a 3D orbital system offers a refreshing massage minus the uncomfortable rubbing and pinching. The proprietary and unique CirQlation technology helps in promoting blood circulation from your lower limbs to the trunk by massaging the calves with a wave-like and upwardly motion. The 7.1 massage chair from Human Touch offers you up to five auto-massage programs, thereby enabling you to personalize your massaging experience.

Key Features

Human Touch Whole Body 7.1 Massage Chair comes with numerous features for your assistance. See a brief overview of these features:

Elegantly and ergonomically designed

The 7.1 Human Touch WholeBody massage chair has been designed and created keeping ergonomic aspects in mind. Therefore, you can expect a thorough and relaxing massage as you recline on this massage chair. The arcing profile of the massage chair matches the natural contour of your body, thereby ensuring a stress-free massage.

You also have the option of selecting from three different colors-black, bone, and espresso.

Rotating base

The base of the chair can swivel in a 55˚arc or sweep, thereby offering you a good leeway in enjoying massages in a position you prefer. You can take pleasure in a massage while you’re sitting up or fully reclining on the massage chair.

A choice of five auto-massage programs

This amazing massage chair comes loaded with five automatic massage programs, namely sleep, relax, lower, upper, and full. Therefore, you have the liberty of selecting from up to five programs for customizing your massaging experience.

Select from a triad of motionless massage techniques

You can also enhance the massaging experience by making the most of three stationary or motionless massage modes along with a glide massage technique. You have the option of blending the different stationary massage techniques for a more unique massaging feel. There is a ‘Range’ button for personalizing your upright massage range.

At the same time, you can take advantage of the Partial and Positional Glide Features for focusing massage on a particular body area.

Retracting Ottoman and foot & calf massager

One of the best things about this model is it provides CirQlation technology that allows the massage chair to be transformed into a foot and calf massager. This feature comes in handy for massaging your lower limbs in an upwardly fashion which eventually promotes blood circulation. You can also turn the chair into an ottoman when you’re looking to relax simply by reclining instead of a massage. 

Proprietary warm air massage technology

The proprietary warm air technology directs warm air to the lumbar section of your spine

The BodyMap Pro functionality is another useful feature which allows you to select the part of your body which needs to be massaged on a priority basis.


  • Ergonomically designed for maximizing comfort during a massage session
  • 3D FlexGuide technology deploys a massaging experience that is almost stress-free
  • Five auto-massage programs to choose from
  • Can be retracted into an ottoman or easy chair just for relaxing 
  • Converts into a foot and calf massager
  • Swiveling base
  • You cannot use it as a regular chair owing to its stiffness
  • The massages could feel somewhat harsh initially
  • The leg and calf massager does not offer suffer adequate pressure for a comforting massage
The 7.1 WholeBody swiveling massage chair equipped with a range of useful features, comes at a price. If you are willing to overlook the minor downsides, this Human Touch massage chair can be a great addition to your home spa. It comes with some unique resourceful features including but not limited to Warm Air, FlexGuide, and Swivel technologies that come together to deliver a comforting full body massage.

2. Human Touch 100-AC20-002 iJoy Active Massage Chair

Human Touch 100-AC20-002 iJoy Active Massage Chair- smallest massage chair - Relaxindoors

The 100-AC20-002 iJoy Active Massage Chair from the house of Human Touch can effortlessly substitute the most experienced masseur in a massage parlor. The chair makes the most of Glide, Orbit, and Stretch functionalities for replicating the deft massaging techniques used by specialist masseurs. You can choose from three auto-massage programs-Think, Perform, and Recharge-for reinvigorating your back, neck and shoulders, and lower back respectively.

The combined effect of FlexGuide and Orbital technologies massages your entire body in a way that completely unwinds you. The FlexGuide functionality kneads your body in a manner that is akin to getting a soothing oil massage from a massage therapist. The compactness of the iJoy Active 2.0 means you can install the chair in a tight space. You can convert the iJoy Active 2.0 into an easy chair simply for stretching out just by dragging out the recliner handle.

Key Features

Equipped with accessories for a complete body massage

The iJoy Active 2.0 can also serve as a special leg and calf massager apart from delivering a full body kneading. When functioning as a foot massager, the iJoy 2.0 makes the most of reflexology technology, thereby enhancing effective circulation of blood.

Eminently portable

The Active iJoy 2.0 chair weighs only 45lbs which puts it in the lightweight massage chair category. You can comfortably fold the chair for lugging the same easily from room to another.

Adaptable headrest

The massage chair comes with a head pillow that allows you to position your shoulders and neck comfortably. Additionally, you can fold up the pillow at the back of the chair for massaging your upper back more intensively.

Futuristic design

You can opt for either the clean bone upholstery or the elegant espresso upholstery design. Both the designs come equipped with grayish brown to dark grey accents.

Three sophisticated auto-massage programs

The Active iJoy 2.0 lets you choose from three sophisticated automatic massage modes, enabling you to customize your kneading experience. The Think mode lets you massage your backside; the Perform program allows you to relax your shoulders and neck, and the Recharge system refreshes your lower back.

Durable for comfortable reclining

Bind yourself with the intuitive recline strap allows you to recline fully for taking pleasure in a comforting massage.

Compact design

The Active iJoy 2.0 not only accentuates the décor of the room where it is kept but also takes up minimal installation space, thanks to its compact design.

FlexGuide orbital massage technology

The FlexGuide orbital massage technique comes in handy for deploying a massaging experience that goes a long way in relieving stress. A standard massage chair does not relieve stress adequately as its design causes friction to an extent. The FlexGuide technology helps in massaging every curve in your body-it is very much like a masseur rubbing down every body part with warm oil.


  • The option to choose from three auto-massage programs for a soothing massage
  • Delivered to you in an assembled state: you don’t have to assemble it
  • The chair’s compact design means it takes up minimal storage room
  • Exploits the FlexGuide technology for a relaxing massage
  • Uses glide, orbit, and stretch motions for delivering massage like a masseur
  • Tall individuals may experience difficulty using the chair to their advantage
  • Does not have a footrest

The 100 –AC20-002 iJoy Active Massage Chair is another top-of-the-line massage chair that easily deserves the tag ‘Best Human Touch massage chair’. This Human Touch massage chair perfectly blends aesthetics with top-class performance.

3. Human Touch ZeroG 5.0 Zero-Gravity Premium Massage Chair with 3D Massage

Human Touch ZeroG 5.0 Zero-Gravity Premium Massage Chair with 3D Massage- best Human Touch Massage Chair

The Human Touch ZeroG 5.0 zero-gravity premium massage chair with 3D massage is reinforced with some versatile features, enabling it to deliver a consistent, soothing massage. The chair offers you up to four manual massage programs, including Ease, Tone, Flex, and Stretch. Additionally, you get to take advantage of four auto-massage programs recommended by the Human Touch Wellness Council.

Make the most of the zero-gravity automatic shaking-you simply need to press a button for activating the feature. Once you push the button, you’ll be mechanically shifted to a seamless neutral position following which you’ll be rocked in tandem with the auto-program. The ZeroG 5.0 exploits exclusive warm air technology along with two lumbar heat modes for comforting stressed muscles of your backside.

The Figure Eight technology aids in relaxing stressed out and aching lower limbs and simultaneously boosting blood circulation.

Key Features

Comes fully assembled

If a massage chair is delivered in a semi or completely knocked down state, then putting the pieces together can be quite hassling to say the least. Fortunately for you, the Human Touch ZeroG 5.0 is delivered to you fully assembled. So, you do not need to worry about assembling it from scratch.

Customizable according to your height

You can adjust the height of the chair as per your natural posture.

Patent pending warm air technology

The patented warm air technology coupled with the two lumbar heat modules directs hot air over your torso, thereby relieving stress from your shoulders and lower back. The lumbar heat modes softly massage your back, helping the taut muscles to de-stress.

Foot and calf massager

The foot and calf massager completely envelops the front and back regions of your legs and calves, thereby offering you a complete therapeutic massage. The foot and calf massager can be adjusted to accommodate the statures of different individuals.

Proprietary figure eight technology

The proprietary Figure-Eight technology makes good use of vibratory action for helping direct the flow of blood towards the heart which ultimately helps in boosting up blood circulation

Intelligent 3D massage engine

The ZeroG 5.0 Human Touch massage chair comes outfitted with an intelligent 3D massage engine which kneads your whole body in a manner that thoroughly rejuvenates you.


  • Fully assembled chair
  • Zero-gravity massaging enabled simply by touching a button
  • 4 manual and 4 auto-message programs
  • Just press hold a button for moving to neutral posture position for relieving pressure off of spine while you recline 
  • Dual lumbar heat which exploits warm air technology soothes stressed muscles of your back
  • Figure Eight technique relaxes tired and aching feet while boosting blood circulation
  • Many users have found the leg and calf massager too hard for comfort
  • Remote starts malfunctioning after extended use
  • The chair has a tendency to become overheated in the long run

If you’re looking for good reasons to pick the ZeroG 5.0 Human Touch massage chair, then you’ll find many. It features the intelligent 3D massage engine, foot and calf massager, proprietary warm air technology, body height personalization, and several other useful features.

4. Human Touch Perfect Chair “PC-610 Premium Leather” Zero-Gravity Hand

Human Touch Perfect Chair “PC-610 Premium Leather” Zero-Gravity Hand

You could easily mistake the Human Touch Perfect Chair “PC-610 Premium Leather” Zero-Gravity massage chair for an ottoman or easy chair. The PC-610 takes inspiration from the seats designed by NASA for astronauts. When you recline on the ergonomically designed seat of the PC-610 for a calming body massage, you reap many health benefits.

When you sit back on this massage chair on a regular basis, you get relief from chronic back pain. The PC-610 helps enhance blood flow by enabling you to raise your legs over the heart. The chair facilitates more relaxed and deeper breathing by helping boost lung capacity.

Key Features

Premium upholstery

The upholstery has been crafted from premium leather. The best quality of cowhide has been used for creating the upholstery of this Human Touch massage chair.

Durable and resilient

Solid wood from rubber trees (Hevea Brasiliensis) has been handcrafted and finished for developing the chair’s framework. So, what you get is a high-quality and durable product that remains in service for years on end.

Head pillow that offers full support

The head pillow not only furnishes stable support to your head, neck, and shoulders but also provides ergonomic comfort.

Extensible armrests

As the PC-610 moves you into a zero-gravity reclining position, you remain steady, thanks to the long and wide armrests.

Adaptable lumbar support

The interactive and adaptable lumbar system contains a built-in release valve which comes in very handy for personalizing your seating as per your convenience.

Steely support

A good part of the chair is made of high-tensile, sandblasted steel which has been thoroughly cleaned and coated with a protective powder finish. Consequently, the massage chair not only offers you consistent support in the long run but also lets you glide smoothly when you recline.

Chairs customized to your needs and preference

You can select from three distinct wooden finishes in top-grain and premium leather upholstery. You can upgrade to Jade Heat and Memory Foam Plus for extra comfort and enhanced health benefits.


  • Great value for money, various colors to choose
  • Various features and multiple Techniques 
  • Boosts blood-oxygen levels and enhances blood circulation
  • Aids in furthering lung capacity, enabling you to breathe in a more relaxed manner
  • Blood flow also gets a boost as you are able to raise your lower limbs above your heart 
  • The spinal column is rejuvenated through natural vertebral decompression
  • Helps in expediting post-surgical recovery 


  • Contrary to claims made by the manufacturer, the leather upholstery is not authentic
  • The crossbar at the chair’s backside could pose a problem for tall individuals

The Human Touch PC-610 massage chair is hugely overpriced, the numerous versatile features notwithstanding. Though the chair boasts of solid construction and comes equipped with some practical features, it may not be suitable for tall people.

5. iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair

 iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair- human touch massage chair reviews

Any listing of the ten best Human Touch Massage Chairs will always include the iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair, and for good reasons. This massage chair by Human Touch incorporates some effective features that work individually as well as in perfect harmony for offering you a soothing body massage. The power recline feature lets you easily adjust the backrest to a perpendicular or recline position, according to your convenience.

The zone functionality helps in massaging any area of your body over a six-inch radius. The positioning button lets you focus the massage anywhere on the back. You can customize your massaging experience by selecting from four different massage modes. The auto-park/stop feature brings the massage to a halt and positions the rollers on the backrest’s top. See its exclusive features:

Key Features

Inbuilt power outlet

The embedded power outlet lets you charge a smartphone, tab, laptop or any other portable digital device while you enjoy a comforting massage

A standalone cup holder

Sip your favorite hot or cold beverage as well as soak yourself in the pleasure of a full body massage. You can place your coffee mug or beers can in the cup holder, and access the same easily.

Detachable massage modulating pad

A detachable pad allows you to manipulate the intensity or vigorousness of your massage

Intuitive control panel

Get relief from the hassle of having to manually adjust your preferred massaging technique. Make the most of the intuitive control panel or the remote control for keeping the massaging programs on your fingertips.

Three competent auto-massage programs

Choose from three effective auto-massage programs for getting relief from stress and pain. Lower back release, ‘neck and shoulder release’, and ‘back refresh’ massage programs aid in massaging your whole body.

Compacted space saving design

The iJoy-2580 massage chair has been designed intelligently, keeping the available living space of urbanites in mind. The chair effortlessly fits into the tightest of spaces, thanks to its compact design.


  • Very reasonable price
  • Durable and top quality material
  • Space saving massage chair
  • Make the most of three intuitive auto-massage programs
  • Easy-to-use embedded control panel
  • Equipped with manual massage modes
  • Delivered to you in a fully assembled state
  • Built-in power outlet for charging portable digital devices


  • Only 2 massage techniques
  • Foot massage may be painful, so you can use towel under feet as a cushion

The iJoy-2580 is undoubtedly one of the best Human Touch massage chair models you can go for. The chair enables you to lie supine in a 180˚ angle, indispensable for easing pressure off of the backbone and reducing chronic back pain. Three advanced auto-massage settings help rejuvenate your entire body.

6. Human Touch iJoy 4.0 Reclining Massage Chair

Human Touch iJoy 4.0 Reclining Massage Chair- best human touch massage chairs

The Human Touch iJoy 4.0 Reclining Massage Chair is integrated with a host of resourceful features. The compactly designed massage chair needs minimal space for installing it. So, it is a great option for individuals who own small flats or apartments. Enjoy a soothing and stress-free massage, thanks to the state-of-the-art FlexGuide dual massage technology.

The massage chair replicates the kneading techniques of a seasoned masseur, including but not limited to glide and knead motions. You can select from up to four automatic massage modes, resulting in an optimal massaging experience.

Key Features

Automatic massage programs

Pick and choose from four different massage programs for a comforting massage

Tech cradle

The tech cradle comes with a USB receptacle for charging your phone or tab

Targeted muscle benefits

Glide and knead motions that replicate the hand motions of a masseur fully relaxes the muscles of your body

Compact layout

The compacted layout of iJoy 4.0 implies that the chair occupies minimal storage space

Smooth and effortless recline

You can recline on the chair at an angle that you find most comfortable for a soothing massage


  • Select from up to four auto massage techniques
  • FlexGuide dual massage engine helps you enjoy a near stress-free massage
  • Easy-to-use embedded control panel
  • Compact structure takes up minimum installation space
  • USB port for charging digital devices


  • Tall persons may not find the chair to be quite comfortable

7. Navitas Sleep Massage Chair

Navitas Sleep Massage Chair- Human Touch massage chair

The Navitas Sleep Massage Chair surely has to be one of the best Human Touch massage chairs, offering you a choice of 36 wellness programs. You’d be hard put to find another massage chair that comes equipped with so many massaging techniques. The surfeit of wellness programs together with the Zero-Gravity technology goes a long way in providing you with an unprecedented massaging experience.

You can combine a series of programs according to your convenience and save them in order to take advantage of them whenever you wish to. Many users will warm up to a bunch of programs that helps you to sleep better. However, the USP of the Navitas chair has to be its incorporated acupoint scanner which mechanically scans your profile for identifying and targeting acupuncture hubs.

Key Features

Zero gravity massage
You get relief from back pain, thanks to the zero-gravity reclining of the Navitas. The reclined posture also relieves pressure off of your vertebras, enabling large muscles during a massage session.
36 versatile wellness programs
The Human Touch Navitas is the only massage chair that boasts of 36 wellness or massage programs. No other brand of massage chair features so many massage programs. Additionally, every massage program has been seamlessly fine-tuned to enhance your experience.
High-resolution control
You can effortlessly control all the wellness programs with the receptive remote control.
Multiple memory settings
Customize your massage by creating your preferred set of massage programs just by piloting via the numerous programs. Thereafter, you can select up to eight programs and save them for using the same in the future.
Acupoint optical scan
This functionality measures the contour of your shoulders and neck as well as your back. Thereafter, the data is mapped with the core acupuncture points for kneading a specific area
Under-foot rollers
This massage chair comes with underfoot rollers. Only three other massage chair models have this feature.
4D Stretch
Judiciously blends 4D upper body massage techniques with lower body massage modes for maximizing your massaging experience


  • Offers up to 36 massaging programs
  • High-resolution remote control makes operating the massage chair a breeze
  • Store up to eight wellness programs
  • Zero-gravity recline keeps your back comfortable
  • Comes fully assembled


  • The foot and calf massager could seem a little too harsh initially

Equipped with 36 wellness/massaging programs, the Navitas massage chair does not come cheap. At the same time, it is one of the select massage chairs that feature calf massage rollers which exploit reflexology technology to the hilt. You can adjust the height of the chair according to your stature, and take advantage of 4D massage technique, 8 memory settings, and so on.


If you are really want to find out the best way to relax , relieve stress and pain, investment in a massage chair can be a smart decision. To pick the best chair, read above-given Osaki massage chair reviews. It is an easy way to compare different models and choose the best one as per your needs.

Before buying the premium Osaki massage chair, make sure to specify your personal needs. Human Touch offers a wide range of automatic massage chairs, where every model comes equipped with its distinct versatile features. Almost all the best Human Touch massage chairs have a built-in unit for foot and calf massage while some select models also have rolling and kneading massage functionalities. The World Federation of Chiropractic has exclusively endorsed Human Touch as their official massage chair brand.

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