Are Massage Chairs Safe During Pregnancy? What You Need To Know?

Are massage chair safe during pregnancy

Are massage chair safe during pregnancy

Are you expecting, and feel like you should get a body massage? Well, we can understand how much it could be relaxing to get your body pampered with a good massage. Undoubtedly, a professional masseur can ease your painful joints, especially when you are pregnant; it feels heavenly. But the question is, are massage chairs safe during pregnancy?

Today, we are not talking about regular massage by masseur, but about electric massage chair to find out whether or not it’s safe to use during pregnancy.

Are Massage Chairs Safe During Pregnancy? Let’s Find Out!

Massage chairs are in trend and increasing in popularity with every passing day. Of course, nothing can beat a human touch, but these innovative vibrating chairs are doing a great job.

Can I Use A Massage Chair While Pregnant?

A lot of companies are manufacturing the latest technology massaging chairs and warn against the use of it during pregnancy. It’s not without reason. Here find out why they warn.

Pressure Points:

We know you may feel low back pain during pregnancy. Maybe your muscles need some relaxation. Nevertheless, stressing several pressure points in a pregnant woman’s body can lead to premature labor (though no scientific evidence is found). Using a massage chair may activate various pressure points and can lead to severe complications.

Heating Pad:

Most massage chairs come with a heating pad installed. So using a chair with a heating pad can increase the pregnant woman’s body temperature, and in return, it can spike the baby’s heart rate and also cause a vascular problem. So why to take even 1% risk?

When Is It Safe To Use Massage Chair?

Eases Severe Back Pain:

If you’re experiencing back pain, you should consult with your doctor first. Also, you can use a vibrating chair that works best to ease back pain. According to various studies, a massage chair helps blood circulate in the body, relieve pain, and cramps.

Get Your Body Some Rest:

Many pregnant women think and fear vibrating massage chairs can harm their unborn baby. But that’s not true. The vibrating chair moves the body just like walking. So you can get the benefit of it, as it’s not harmful to get mild vibrating sensations. Additionally, there’s no way electromagnetic ways can reach your child. 

Benefits of Using A Massage Chair During Pregnancy

When it comes to getting relaxed, a good massage is everyone’s first choice to consider. But what advantages it offers to pregnant women?

Lowers Stress:

Are you suffering from pregnancy stress? Get parental chair massage that helps your normal hormone levels in the body to reduce stress, pain, and anxiety .

Easy Your Leg & Back Pain:

Throughout pregnancy, you can feel a lot of stress on your legs and back; it’s because of your growing uterus, which is putting pressure. But worry no more, because a good massage session can help relief pain .

Make Labor Easy:

Various researches show excellent massage therapy during labor ensure short labor and also reduce chances of postnatal depression.

 So can I use a massage chair while pregnant? Well, yes but it’s always recommended to consult with your doctor first before taking any decision. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to