All You Need To Know About The Massage Chairs

Understanding what is a massage chair

The objective of the massage chair is that it needs to offer the perfect massage to the users. The traditional massage chairs can massage the back, shoulders, and head. However, robotic massage chairs are also available in the market, and they make use of electric vibrators to offer the massage.

How do massage chairs work?

We just discussed that some massage chairs make use of rollers to carry out the massage. There are other techniques also to offer massage. The hydro massage chair makes use of pressurized water to manage the massage.

Most of the hydro massage chairs are designed in a way so that you can customize them to put water where you want. These chairs have a waterproof membrane which is similar to that of a water bed.

The chair’s backrest has a membrane. The front of the membrane is in contact with the user’s back. It is restrained by making use of a series of bars. If the bars are absent, then there is a possibility that the membrane might lose its shape when the water pressure changes.

There are valves at the top of the membrane that allows the user to fill up water in the membrane cushion. You will find a series of nozzles along the back of the membrane. These nozzles are connected by a tube, and these tubes are connected to an electric pump.

What the pump does is that it tends to recirculate the water that is present inside the chair. It pushes the water through the nozzle for creating a massaging sensation. When the user sits in the chair, then he can receive the massage from the water jets.

These massage chairs have got both a heating and cooling system so that the user can adjust the temperature of the water as per his preference.

Now, some chairs also make use of air to carry out the massage. What most therapists do is that they grip the muscles firmly, and they release the muscles after some time. The technique can be useful for relieving the tension in the muscles.

The multiple air bags are put to use to massage the arms and the legs. There is a small air compressor that is present inside the chair, and it helps to inflate the air bags. The compressor can connect to the air bags through a series of tubes or pipes.

Some massage chairs have a switch also that can open and close the air passage ways. Well, this way, the air can inflate a single set of air bags without affecting the others. You will notice the fact that some massage chairs have multiple air compressors also that are dedicated to a specific set of airbags.

Each massage chair may differ in its operating mechanism. You will also find massage chairs in the market that may use airbags in the backrest and the seat also. If the airbags inflate and deflate at a rapid pace, then they can mimic the tapping mechanism. If the bags get inflated at a low pace, then they stimulate rolling or kneading.

Massage Chair Maintenance

Massage chair maintenance-Relaxindoors

Once you invest in a massage chair, then it crucial that you should maintain it also. The benefit of this practice is that your chair can last for a long time. You should make it a point to clean the upholstery of your chair from time to time.

How to clean a massage chair?

If the chair makes use of leather material, then make it a point to clean it with a dry cloth. However, there are some other essential rules also that you should keep in mind when cleaning a leather massage chair. The first thing that you should remember is that leather massage chairs may utilize synthetic leather or natural leather. If your chair has a synthetic finish, then it is vital that you should clean the chair at least once a weak otherwise the synthetic leather can get damaged.

Sometimes, you do not get the time to clean the leather chair, and the dirt accumulates on the chair. Well, in this case, you should make sure that you clean the chair with a damp cloth. Take a piece of cloth. Dip it into a solution of mild soap and distilled water. The dirt will get removed in no time when you follow this rule.

If your chair makes use of natural leather, then even a dry cloth will do the cleaning job. Never use soapy water on natural leather as it can damage the material. If by accident, you spill water on a leather massage chair, then make use of the blotting technique to remove the liquid.

If your chair is in the lounge, then you want it to look attractive by all means. Well, in this situation you can make use of a leather conditioner to condition the leather. As a result, the leather will look shiny and appealing also.

Another thing you should remember is that you should never place the leather massage chair in direct sunlight. The sunlight can damage the chair. When you are sitting on the massage chair, make sure that you do not put any additional stress on the chair. Do not allow your pets to sit on the chair.

If the massage is exposed to additional weight, then it may get damaged. Get into the habit of using the massage chair on a daily basis. The benefit is that the machinery inside the chair will remain lubricated, and you will not have to worry about any wear and tear.

When you are using the massage chair, you should focus on the sound it produces. If the chair makes a grinding noise, then it indicates that something is not right and the chair may require urgent repair. If you get the chair repaired in time, then you might be able to reduce on the maintenance cost.

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